Ten years ago I started my first business without any business experience- and just a few years of tech experience. Along the way I’ve learnt everything through mentors, research, wins and failures. I actually would not recommend starting a business. You are better off working your way to a high paying job and investing in index funds. But if you are like me- you wouldn’t take that advice as it’s not about money or anything tangible. It’s probably a personally gene (or flaw) that makes one driven to start a business.

I’m at a point in my career where I want to help others grow. I’m looking to invest in early stage tech companies at a pre-launch or pre-customer stage. This is where I can provide the most value- as getting started is where I have the most experience. And this is all very recent experience for me. You will find that a lot of angel investors are baby boomers that don’t understand your technology and their connections are no longer relevant. I’m still on my journey- just a few steps ahead of you and I think this is my biggest advantage as your potential investor. For this reason I have a preference for anything related to my space: PropTech, IoT and software for enterprise customers. But anything that is B2B is my general focus.

If you are interested please send through the following info (or as much as you can):

  • Problem statement.

  • Solution overview

  • Info about your competitors

  • Market size

  • Business model

  • Team experience (including experience with the problem you are solving).

  • Cash flow projections (but fine if you don’t have this)

  • Demo link or screen shots (if you have them)

Please send any attachments as links.

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