What's in a name?

To help motivate myself to use this blog, I registered a new domain name to add to my collection. Jon.Sydney.

I do live in Sydney but it’s also my middle name- so I thought it was fitting. Sydney was my Great-Grandfather on my Dad’s side. He came to Australia from England- probably escaping something like everyone else at the time. We recently found out that McFarlane wasn’t his real last name, rather something he chose for himself when he got here. But what’s in a name anyway? As stated by both the body wash in my bathroom and a 90’s Claire Danes, A rose by any other name


I was once interviewed by an Alexandria for a newspaper article on smart glasses. In our correspondence I shortened her name to Alex. Her next email was a link- nothing more. It took me to a previous article she published (slow news week) about how she hates when people call her Alex. She did not end up using my quotes for her tech article.

This was somewhat of a shock to me. Sure, I shouldn’t have called her Alex unless she referred to herself that way first. But come on- what an over reaction. If something so small upsets someone so much- imagine how she would react to something with greater impact.

I don’t like seeing my name as “John”- Jonathan has just the one H. I’m also not a big fan of Jonno- although that’s what I’ve programmed my Google Home to call me to see how Aussie she could sound. But you could call me Jackie and I would still do business with you. Life is too short to worry about the small things. A name is just something someone selected for you- maybe because they had to flee England 100 years ago.

A link to the article is below. If you agree with me and not with her- don’t be a dick about it and show her some respect. But let me know your thoughts.