Days One/Two ISE 2017

I'm not big on trade shows, which might seem like a funny thing to say after travelling about 24 hours around the world to attend one. But for me it's just a good excuse for the industry to be at the same place at the same time. I can meet with people from all over the world without having to constantly travel, work out timezone differences or resort to crappy web conferencing. 

I'm not spending too much time seeking out new technology and in this industry it's always more of the same. Some new hardware device that seems like it's doing something new- but is still in that traditional hardware ecosystem. For example, Video Over IP but with proprietary box on both ends. Or "web-based" when they just mean a web browser can access the proprietary box.

In my mind the only thing needed in the near future is the display (not necessarily a physical one) and the network. Everything else will be replaced by A.I and personal devices. 
Nevertheless, I've walked the show room floors and here are a few things interesting enough for me to pull out my phone and take a photo. 

Big Displays

Indoor displays are bigger. Either with new LED technology that is very small you can hardly tell it is LED- or through blended projector software. Sony is leading the way here- with their Micro LED displays. They also had a cool VW in front of it- clever show floor marketing. Samsung also had a good LED indoor display- no where near as sharp as Sony but I presume a more cost effective solution. 


LG always has fun stuff on show. The almost 12 month old OLED displays are still getting a lot of attention. In addition to the OLED models we already know- they had the flexible wall-paper displays on show- with a machine constantly bending them. But the strangest product was the LED price tag strip, that reminded me of those Mirosoft future of retail videos from about 7 years ago. 

Shure Ink display thing

Finally, I can't really put my finger on why I like this so much but Shure has an interesting new product. It allows you to present text and logos to a large ink display- like a big kindle.