Vlogs Part One

Recording video comes more naturally to me than writing blogs. So, I've started vlogging. Here is my YouTube channel or see a few examples below. 

I'm keeping the videos bite-sized and doing one every other day. This means some will be more interesting than others- particularly as I travel (which I do about twice a month). I'm heading over to Infocomm tomorrow so these will start to ramp up. 

The vlogs cover a bit of my personal life but to cover that I really have to talk about my work, as the two go hand in hand for me.  There are two main reasons I started vlogging:

  • I finished reading The Circle by Dave Eggers. In this, the main character works for a Google-like tech company and is required to live-stream every part of her day. I found the thought of doing this interesting. Essentially, daily (or bi-daily) vlogging will motivate me to work harder and do more so I have something interesting to share. 
  • I recently discovered the daily vlogger Casey Neistat. This guy is a mad genius and I think has invented a new way of communicating that is the peak of social media. He is a much more charismatic guy with a unique style- so my videos are never going to be on his level. But he is in such a similar position to me- runs a video based start-up, has a partner that runs a fashion company and travels a lot for work. So I obviously take direct inspiration from this. 

Here are a few recent examples- I'm just getting started and think it will take me a few months to find my own style and voice. I would love to hear from you if you are starting a vlog as well. 


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