Infocomm 2016 recap

I had an eventful Infocomm but I'm glad to be out of Las Vegas. I look forward to being back in Sydney enjoying real coffee and having conversations about absolutely anything besides AV. 

What I liked

  • Panasonic's 4k projectors and their light embedded data channel to launch mobile content. 

  • LG's OLED. 

  • Sony's Canvas with micro-LED technology. 

  • Intel's free software for wireless collaboration. Better than anything you can buy and powered by WebRTC (I told you it's coming!)

What I didn't like

  • The lack of diversity- I was always in a room full of late-middle-aged white guys. Every business should make an effort to change this. No wonder the industry is 5-10 years behind the ICT field. Diversity and innovation go hand-in-hand. 
  • Hardware- get over it. In less than 5 years all AV solutions will be a display on the wall and everything else will be cloud-based software. 
  • Las Vegas- it sucks and it also adds to the boys club nature of the event. Woman don't feel comfortable having meetings at the strip club. I won't name names but big companies actually sponsor these sort of gatherings. It's fine if you want to go to the strip club- but don't make it a business networking event. 
  • The industry thinking IoT is AV boxes connected to the network. You can't just re-brand network-based AV to IoT. Smart cities, smart buildings and smart infrastructure make up IoT- your proprietary hardware does not fit this model.  

My videos:

Day one


Day two

Day Three